MD35 series standalone ecu

standalone md35

The KMS MD35 has features that set it apart from other competitively priced ECUs:

About KMS Autosport

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KMS a devision of Kronenburg Autosports offers exciting ECU and management solutions specializing in European automobiles.

Complete Supercharger Kits

active super

Active Autowerke BMW M3 Supercharger Kit E36 Level 1 HKS

Active Autowerke M3 Supercharger Rotex C38 Kit

Water Methanol injection 335i Active autowerke

water methanol 2

Trunk-mounted 1.8+ gallon reservoir with inline filter and low pickup tube
Reservoir location on Battery Tray maximizes trunk storage
Methanol-water mix is not influenced by either engine or exhaust heat
Robust high volume pump will deliver on demand and is suited for a methanol-water mix
Electronic module delivers precisely. Settings can be re-adjusted if needed
Injection hose and wiring routed within a protective casing
NOT a generic, universal system but manufactured model specific
Detailed instruction with pictures makes for a simple install
Tested and proven on our 500+ HP turbo and supercarged cars


water methanol



BMW Performance intercooler

335i intercooler active

Active Autowerke BMW 135i 335i Intercooler FMIC (Sport)

Looking to maintain the power on your BMW 135i and 335i?
Install the Active Autowerke BMW 135i 335i intercooler sport version for nearly factory-like fitment and experience the meaning of sustainable power in a compact package. The Active Autowerke BMW 135i 335i front mount intercooler is the best performing bolt-on performance

BMW 335i Downpipe,Exhaust kit Active Autowerke

335i down pipe

N54 downpipe 2008 – 2010

Active Autowerke BMW software tune

active autowerk

Available for

E36 : 325i,M3

E46 : 325i,330i,M3

E9X : 335i,325i,330i,M3

Remapping and chip tuning

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Engine Remapping (ECU Remap)

When it comes to improving the performance of your car, engine remap service is definitely your best option. We remap petrol engine at the most reasonable rates. With our engine remap services you can save on fuel and enjoy a number of other benefits as well.

Whether your vehicle is a Bmw,Benz,Peugeot or even a high end car like an Ferrari or Porsche, an ECU remaping is a great idea. We assure you that no soldering or stripping of the vehicle’s original ECU is involved when we provide the ECU remap.